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Yahoo! Top Executives

Yahoo! Top Executives

No. 4 Ko, Patel, Pitaro, Schneider, Siegel (Executive Top Talent): Yahoo

Yahoo has been unable to stop the bleeding from previous wounds (they are the first organization to repeat on the Biggest Quits list, see 2008). While CEO Carol Bartz re-focuses Yahoo on its core businesses, the company struggles to re-secure its footing against Google and Facebook.5 An unprecedented FIVE high-ranking executives departed in 2010. Even if we consider that “fresh minds” are needed, a sudden top-heavy migration would leave any workforce to wonder “Who’s next?” and “Where are we going?” The departures included Hilary Schneider (EVP Americas) and Jimmy Pitaro (VP Media) who joined Yahoo in 2001 and was influential in launching Yahoo News, Finance, and Sports. Also leaving were David Ko (SVP Audience, Mobile & Local businesses) and Srinija Srinivasan, former VP and editor-in-chief, with Yahoo since the beginning and instrumental in transforming Yahoo from a web directory to a search engine platform that dominated web search in the late 1990s. Finally, Yahoo lost Ash Patel (EVP, product architecture & strategy), with Yahoo for 14 years and responsible for the architecture of MyYahoo, Finance, Messenger, and Chat.6 With the rapid flight of its top executives, it may take a miracle to see the once-leading Internet giant soar again.


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