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Yahoo! Execs

No. 2 Jerry Yang (CEO), Brad Garlinghouse (SVP of Communications & Communities), and Qi Lu (EVP of Engineering for Search and Advertising Technology Group): Yahoo!

Nothing says “organizational stability” like a shakeup in top management. Yahoo’s yodel is a little softer after the loss of founder and CEO Jerry Yang, and Vice Presidents Brad Garlinghouse and Qi Lu. In this trifecta, the culprit was their competing vision of the future. On one side, Yang opposed the fire sale to Microsoft and supported expansion, at the other end is Garlinghouse, whose “Peanut-butter Manifesto” accused Yahoo of spreading themselves too thin. Garlinghouse left an influential domain, overseeing Yahoo Mail, Messenger, Groups, Flickr, and Zimbra. Compounding that loss was Lu, who was instrumental in driving community services like the acquisition of Flickr and and initiating the development of new Yahoo Maps and Local Services. Worth mentioning, Lu also holds 20 patents and helped attract many of the best and brightest talent in the organization. To add insult to injury, Lu left to become President of the Online Services Group at…drumroll…Microsoft. In the limited world of online search engines, Microsoft gains an advantage in Lu’s knowledge and experience, which may be their tipping point to relevance. Looks like Yahoo, already hemorrhaging market share and talent, may need to google “how to deal with management shake-ups.”