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Writers Guild of America

No. 2 Writers Strike (TV and Film Writers): Writers Guild of America

Where have all the writers gone? We are turning off the tube and finding an alternative for our new found free primetime. With 12,000 writers on strike we have experienced reruns, cancellations, suspensions of series and, likely, an increase in our personal productivity. The Writers Guild Association (WGA) went on strike November 5, 2007 in hopes of a contract renewal that will provide higher pay or compensation for new media, and a more stable working environment. Late night talk shows have already used their own means to continue to earn their commercial fees. Award shows requested waivers from the WGA. The Golden Globes gave their awards via star–studded pamphlet when they were not granted one. As of this publication date, the strike cost $1 billion in lost wages and associated earnings. The war of medium versus content will not be won until the networks come up with a contract that will satisfy all of the contingencies made by the writers. People’s viewing habits are changing faster than traditional media can, and the distracting strike may inadvertently push alternative media into the mainstream.