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Weight Watchers:  James Chambers  (CEO)

Weight Watchers: James Chambers (CEO)

Why this is a big quit:

After 3 years, James Chambers unexpectedly decided to call it quits. Don’t worry, not his diet, but to his role as CEO of Weight Watchers, the provider of weight management services founded in 1963. Chambers, a former executive at Kraft Food and Cadbury, was able to bring his knowledge and experience in the food industry to the other side of the coin, the ever-growing weight loss industry. During his tenure, Weight Watchers rolled out a new diet program and in October of 2015 Chambers welcomed Oprah Winfrey to the Weight Watchers team, which saw immediate gains in stock price and membership.


Why this is not as big as the top 10:

While these are fantastic effects if it were one of his clients, the success of a diet, and a company, is based on long-term results. A 54% drop in Weight Watchers stock in 12 last months is hardly the new image Chambers wanted at the beach this summer. The company’s recent struggles are attributed to the buffet of free apps, websites, and fitness trackers that competitors aimed at traditional diet programs. Weight Watcher’s cannot pack on the members like it used too. Ultimately, due to the flat financial performance, even Oprah’s weight loss couldn’t help Chambers squeeze into the Big Quits Top 10.