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Tyson Foods: Richard L. Bond

No. 4 Richard L. Bond (CEO): Tyson Foods, Inc.

Richard L. Bond, CEO of Tyson resigned in January 2009, seemingly unwilling or unable to ruffle enough feathers to change the 74 year old company. During his 2 1/2 year tenure, Bond tried to beef up Tyson’s formerly chicken-centric brand.3 However, disagreement among leaders in the Tyson family over how to navigate the meat industry’s worst slump in decades, pushed Bond to fly the coop. A Tyson family member took over just as books and documentaries (e.g. Food, Inc.) began to shed light on commercial food giants, including Tyson, production methods. Questions are being asked about their treatment of animals, and the nutrition of the food they produce. With the public’s growing focus on health, organic foods and eating local, Tyson needed to shake things up. The outlook today appears grim. How will the old guard manage consumer demands, declining profits, and regulatory pressures in a struggling industry?