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Travelers (Insurance) Company: Jay Fishman (CEO)

Jay Fishman led Travelers Companies since 2001 with an itinerary of accomplishments. He coasted through the financial crisis unharmed while competitors collapsed. Under his lead, Traveler’s stock outperformed the S&P 500 index. He retired when the stock traded at an all-time high. Fishman garnered so much respect within his community that in Connecticut, where Travelers has its largest office, November 30, 2015 the day Fishman officially resigned, is declared “Jay S. Fishman Day.” Fishman, at the age of 63, steps down as CEO to battle ALS. While Fishman originally envisioned spending his retirement skiing and golfing, he now plans to contribute his time and money to projects aimed at better understanding the nature of the disease named for Lou Gehrig’s affliction and inextricably linked to “Ice bucket challenge.”In the aftermath, Travelers faces aggressive competitors, increasing legal complexities, and a fracturing market to manage. A rough journey awaits.