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Tony LaRussa (Manager): St. Louis Cardinals

Why this is a big quit: Tony LaRussa sealed his status as one of the best managers in baseball history by going out on top of his game with the St. Louis Cardinal’s 2011 World Series victory. Prior to his success with the Cardinals, Tony managed the Chicago White Sox and Oakland Athletics where he earned a 2,728 record and 70 postseason wins. LaRussa’s retirement strikes at a bad time for the Cardinals as Albert Pujols, one of the top players in the MLB, is walks away from his home team of 11 years for more money.

Why this is not as big as our Top 10: After 15 years with the Cardinals and four Manager of the Year awards it would be difficult for LaRussa to shower his team with much more success than he already has. It was not entirely surprising that LaRussa would end his run this year. The 67-years-old coach felt it was time to retire and pass the bat to another leader.