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Tiger Woods Sponsors

No. 10 Gatorade, AT&T, and Accenture (Sponsors): Tiger Woods

In golf, some “bad lies” are worse than others. Tiger Woods, the #1 ranked male golfer in the world, has won 14 major golf championships, 71 PGA events, and is a 10-time PGA “Player of the Year.” Well, no one’s arguing that he is not a 10-time player. After several self-proclaimed “transgressions,” Woods took an indefinite leave from golf, but his many endorsements chose a more permanent route, and quit affiliating with Tiger Woods. Among the organizations that quit so far are Gatorade, AT&T, and Accenture, which had 80% of their ads highlighting the fallen philanderer. Since Tiger’s actions cost shareholders of the sponsors an estimated $12 billion, other organizations are likely rethinking their own celebrity endorsements.9 In an effort to protect the integrity of their employer brand and product reputation, and combined with other sports icon downfalls (remember Michael Phelps?) sponsors are likely to tighten the reins on these relationships. Fortunately for Woods, he may be able to retain his longtime relationship with Nike, pending a slight revision in their angle: “Just Do It ? Tiger would.”