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Tesla: John Ensign and Greg Reichow (Tesla Executives)

Tesla: John Ensign and Greg Reichow (Tesla Executives)

Why this is a big quit:

Just as Tesla, the American automaker and energy storage company, is revving up for the challenges it is going to face in producing the Model 3, two of its top executives, John Ensign, VP of manufacturing, and Greg Reichow, VP of production, have ran out of gas and decided to call it quits. Reichow joined the company in 2011 and assumed the role of VP of production in 2013, while Ensign buckled in in 2014. Their departure comes at a particularly delicate time for Tesla, which is unveiling a new Model S sedan and increasing production of the Model X crossover SUV. Ensign and Reichow’s departure highlight the traffic leaving the doors at Tesla. Their exit comes just a few months after James Chen, VP of regulatory affairs and deputy general counsel, and Ricardo Reyes, VP of global communications, drove off into the sunset.


Why this is not as big as the top 10:

While it has not been confirmed, the departures of Ensign and Reichow seem linked to Tesla’s recent record in manufacturing, including the 18-month delay of the launch of the Model X. With the recent car recalls, production delays, and Reichow’s and Ensign’s short tenure with the organization, they didn’t quite have the mileage to make it in to the top 10.