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T-mobile USA: Philipp Humm (CEO)

Why this is a big quit:

The German born CEO, Philipp Humm, said “auf wiedersehen” to roaming charges and T-mobile USA and returned to his family in Europe. His sudden resignation caused much static in the industry as he will join European rival mobile provider Vodafone. Humm was placed as the CEO in 2010 to expand T-mobile USA market share.

Why it’s not as big as our Top 10:

During his tenure, T-mobile bled customers as the only national wireless company that could not sprechen sie iPhone. To minimize the iDamage, Humm initiated a merger with AT&T which was going to be one of the largest telecom mergers in the U.S history. However, fear of reduced competition and price increase for customers caused the FCC to strike down the plan. Though not Humm’s fault, more issues with strategy and compensation emerged that Philipp Humm had to address. Ultimately, it was a good call for him to drop.