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Symantec: 2 Executives (President of Products and Services + CFO)

Why this was a big quit:

Whenever two top executives, including the CFO, leaves, it is always a big deal. More than CEO, CFO departure is a greater predictor of future company bankruptcy. Symantec is almost synonymous with PC security, and when James deSouza, President of Products and Services, and James Beer, CFO left, job security was on the mind of many around them. As one of the remaining players in the market who charge a fee for their antivirus products, innovation and financial stability is the pop-up message you don’t want to block.

Why this is not as big as our Top 10:

Symantec retains a strong and diverse product line. Both leave for non-competitors. Beer will pursue an opportunity at a health care services company, deSouza became president of a genetic testing manufacturer. These departures are a shift in career tracks for these individuals, but the Symantec bench is strong. This is not a breach in the firewall so there will be little strategic change for Symantec.