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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs (Co-Founder and CEO): Apple

Pioneer. Visionary. Ruthless. Genius. When Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple in August many words were echoed by both those who knew him personally and those who competed with him. Jobs passing away in October, after his eight year battle with pancreatic cancer, created an unprecedented outpouring of appreciation for a corporate CEO. Jobs’ list of business accomplishments is extensive. However, his contribution to advancing of modern technology is incalculable. Jobs was synonymous with the Apple brand. With the two so tightly intertwined, removing one would have to damage the other. Apple must now move forward without the man who was the face of their organization for (most of) the last 30 years. It is clear that no one can step into Jobs’ shoes. What is possible, is leadership that builds from Jobs’ legacy, while separating itself from it.

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