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Soap Operas: TV Viewers

Why this is a big quit: There was a time when daytime television was synonymous with Soap Operas, offering a melodramatic hour of fantasy for housewives. 2011 saw the end of two cornerstones in the Soap Opera world as ABC announced that “All My Children” (1970) and “One Life to Live” (1968) would be coming to an end. The death of the Soap Opera may carry a more significant message beyond that Americans may be tiring of evil twins, inexplicable plot twists and spouses going in and out of comas. The presence of alternative daytime television like Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil and the Talk may be more intellectually stimulating to the viewer and far cheaper for the networks to produce. The rise of social media, online communities and on demand video content (Netflix, Hulu, DVR) allow for daytime activities beyond the scope that was once available.

Why this is not as big as our Top 10: Viewers may be abandoning their old favorite soap operas, for more productive pursuits but many are leaving “All My Children” or “One Life to Live” to devote more time to watching “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” or “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” The jump from Soap Operas to Reality TV may not be such a historically world changing trend of 2011.