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SNL: Actors

SNL: Actors

Saturday Night Live: Andy Samberg and Kristen Wiig (Actors)

No one capitalized on viral video phenomena like Andy Samberg. His digital shorts reaffirmed the shows relevance and reached millions far outside the weekly audience, bringing people back to watch over and over. Kristen Wiig brought versatility to pop culture and political characters, an acted in many successful films. Wiig and Samberg were on SNL for 7 seasons. With two key cast members departing, Abby Elliott separating, and rumors of Jason Sudeikis leaving, SNL could explore retention strategies. But it’s not likely. SNL is renowned for being the most competitive show on TV, even for those who are already on it. Creator Lorne Michaels keeps it that way. Cast members would comment how after being on the show for 4 years, Lorne would bump into them and say “Oh…you still work here?” Still, losing top talent means having to go out and find more. Samberg and Wiig were unique contributors in crossing other medium to bring fans back to the show.


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