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Snapchat: Steve LaBella

Snapchat: Steve LaBella


Why this is a Big Quit: 

Snap’s VP of Marketing and Brand Identity, Steve LaBella just ghosted his company. His…untimely departure…comes after a challenging year where Snapchat’s controversial redesign led to its first ever decline in active users and a $353.31 million net loss.

LaBellla’s exit coincides with CEO Evan Spiegel’s announcement to change marketing and communications in order to educate advertisers about how to use the app.  

Why this is not as big as the Top 10:

SteveLaBella isn’t the first to vanish, he is the latest executive departure since the company’s initial public offering in 2017. While Snapchat’s list of executive quits is significant, LaBella doesn’t make this year’s top 10 because the company still has a long way to go to achieve sustainable profitability.