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Shopbop: Darcy Penick (CEO)

Shopbop: Darcy Penick (CEO)

Why this is a Big Quit:
Some trends never go out of style. Darcy Penick is going back to former employer (Bergdorf Goodman), after nine years at Amazon owned e-retailer Shopbop. Penick led Shopbop for the last 2 years as CEO, improving customer engagement through digital and editorial content.

Neiman Marcus (BG’s parent company) hopes that those ecommerce talents will be put to good use back at the luxury competitor.

Why this is not as big as the Top 10:
Superstars like Darcy Penick get whisked back into their former organizations because they are familiar with the brand and culture. It will minimally affect Shopbop’s ongoing operations, and it’s too soon to tell how successful Penick will be at elevating the digital and international retail of luxury Bergdorf Goodman stores.

There’s a lot at stake as BG is operating with a heavy debt load that won’t fade after washing.