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Sesame Street: Caroll Spinney (Big Bird)

Sesame Street: Caroll Spinney (Big Bird)

Why this is a Big Quit:
The most loveable, big yellow bird is leaving Sesame Street. Maybe not flying away, but Mr. Caroll Spinney, the dedicated voice and puppeteer of Big Bird will retire from Sesame Street after a remarkable 50 years.

In addition to playing the iconic goldenrod fowl, Spinney also played Oscar, the cranky trash-loving grouch. Spinney developed those characters crafting magical lessons and stories for generations of children across the world.

Why this is not as big as the Top 10:
We hope Caroll won’t be a grouch about not making the top-ten quitters list. While Spinney is the last surviving staff member on Sesame Street since its very beginning, the show must go on.

His apprentice who shadowed him since 1996 will succeed him in the role continuing the tradition of teaching important lessons, friendship and love to children in 120+ countries of the world.