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Robert Gillette: First Solar

Robert Gillette: First Solar

Robert Gillette (CEO): First Solar

First Solar is the world’s largest solar company. So it was a big quit when the CEO, Robert Gillette, stepped down after just two years. Once the CEO’s departure was announced, First Solar’s stock spiraled downward 25% and dropped even more by year’s end. Gillette’s exact reasons for leaving are still unclear. Morgan Stanley said his “unexpected departure is likely a troubling sign of things to come”. Adding fuel to the fire, Gillette is only the most recent of several First Solar leaders to jump ship this year, including Operations President Bruce Sohn and CFO & Systems Business President Jens Meyerhoff. Now only 1 of 6 company officers remain the same since 2008 (General Counsel). Along with several other solar panel companies facing bankruptcy, it is rumored that darker days are ahead for First Solar.


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