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Pandora Radio: Joe Kennedy

Pandora Radio: Joe Kennedy

Pandora Radio: Joe Kennedy (CEO)

Pandora is a household name. And Joe Kennedy helped it achieve an unprecedented 8.06% share of the total US radio market in October, up from 6.61% the year prior[4]. Although Pandora hovers at the $20 share price of their 2011 IPO and came under fire for imposing a 40-hour limit on free mobile accounts (a cap they removed six months later[5]), online radio is growing fast with the rise of ever-connected mobile devices[6]. As the first radio station pre-installed on new TV’s, streaming devices, and Blu-ray players, Pandora needs strong leadership more than ever while competitors Spotify and iTunes Radio gain audience[7]. After 10 years at the helm, Joe Kennedy stepped down as CEO of Pandora Radio at a critical time. 

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