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Nick Saban

No. 4 Nick Saban (Head Coach): Miami Dolphins

What’s the worst that could happen? The Miami Dolphins figured that out when head coach Nick Saban left to coach University of Alabama on January 4th, 2007. Achieving a 9-7 record in his first season in 2005 (with the Dolphins), expectations were high coming into the 2006 season. However, during the season, rumors of Saban’s departure to Alabama plagued morale even though he continually denied it. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and neither did Saban. Left without a coach, the Dolphins appointed Cam Cameron, their fifth coach in five seasons. The continual change in leadership, decision makers, training and coaching staff inevitably led to the collapse of the Dolphins who were given little to no time to acclimatize. Cameron dutifully carried on their bad luck to a 2007 season finish of 1-15, the worst finish in franchise history. Three words: Rebuild, rebuild, rebuild.