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NFL: Dawn Hudson (CMO)

NFL: Dawn Hudson (CMO)

Why this is a Big Quit:
After losing the COO to Seattle’s proposed expansion team, the NFL gets tackled again and loses its Chief Marketing Officer, Dawn Hudson. Given the executive leadership changes in the NFL this year, another leadership vacancy leaves the today’s only national football club wide open for interception by TWO other clubs opening in the next 18 months.

Say what now? Yes, there is a new AAF Pro Football League in 2019, and also…wait for it…an XFL re-launch in 2020. So that’s going to leave a mark.

Why this is not as big as the Top 10:
No defense could have prevented Hudson from leaving. When hired in September 2014, she told the Wall Street Journal she would only do the job for a finite amount of time. And no overtime for Dawn as she was not able to carry the team through the NFL’s ratings decline fueled by politics, along with the weight of controversies like player’s domestic assault and concussion-related brain disorders.

The significant negative branding impact accelerating this quit is no surprise, which is why Hudson doesn’t make 2018’s Top 10.