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Newsweek: Fareed Zakaria

Newsweek: Fareed Zakaria

No. 6 Fareed Zakaria and others (Editors/Editors-at-Large): Newsweek

In August, Newsweek’s best-known columnist, Fareed Zakaria, followed many of his peers in exodus, including former Editor and Pulitzer Prize bestselling author Jon Meacham, Evan Thomas (Editor-at-Large), and Michael Isikoff (a leading investigative journalist). Unlike the others, in a never-pleasant-watercooler-moment, Zakaria revealed he would join Newsweek’s direct competitor, Time. Zakaria said his weekly program on CNN (also a Time Warner subsidiary) with new Editor-at-Large role at Time consolidates his pursuits for greater synergy. He left shortly after Sidney Harman bought Newsweek for a reported $1, which won’t get you a bagel near Time Warner’s New York City headquarters. Newsweek fought all year against the print industry’s slip from relevance. In this case, the impact of these big quits may be the end of the 78 year-old American institution as we know it. Unable to compete with the digital era, and with less talent driving content, it “merged” with The Daily Beast, a 2 year-old news reporting and opinion website. The coupling was the magazine’s only bet to keep afloat, allowing it to access 5 million readers online.9 By the end of 2011, we will likely know the answer: “Was The Daily Beast Newsweek’s sail?” or “Was Newsweek The Daily Beast’s anchor?”


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