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Meg Whitman (CEO): eBay

If there’s something to sell, to your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Meg Whitman. After joining eBay a decade ago, she stepped down from the organization synonymous with online auctions this year. Whitman once stated that she would not remain in her position for more than 10 years, and on March 31 she fulfilled her promise. During her tenure, eBay grew from a US-based, 500,000 user and $4.4 million tchotchkie store to a worldwide clearinghouse with hundreds of millions of users and $7.7 billion in annual revenue. Newly appointed CEO John Donahue has a tough road ahead with competition from Amazon’s Marketplace and eBay’s own PayPal getting hip-checked by Google’s checkout. eBay investors can only hope that Donahue bids fast enough to ensure eBay’s place as the winner of online auctioning.