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McDonald’s: Jim Skinner

McDonald’s: Jim Skinner

McDonald’s: Jim Skinner (Vice Chairman & CEO)

At a time when movies like Fast Food Nation were dedicated to McDonald’s atrocities on the human diet, Jim Skinner executed the “Plan to Win” launched in 2003. He would Mcturn the Mccompany around with the 3 strategies of menu innovation, store renovation, and a better ordering experience. Retiring after 40 years service, Skinner became CEO as the world’s biggest hamburger chain meandered for a vision after the abrupt departures of two CEOs. Skinner refocused the company during two recessions by delivering what the world wanted to eat better than competitors. It would more than triple share price and increase per store volume by 25% to $2 million. Skinner’s successor, McCOO Don Thompson, 48, becomes one of the most Mcprominent African-American CEOs in the world. Thompson will have to Mcnavigate a $2.4 billion renovation scheme to ~2000 existing restaurants “to make things modern and relevant” and meet changing customer expectations with four “seating zones” where they can hang out, work, eat, and meet. If successful, even more will be invested, if not, McDonald’s is fried.    

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