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So many resignations, so little time: Twitter

Why this is a big quit: Recently there has been a mass exodus from the social networking pioneer.  The departed include: Pam Kramer (VP Marketing), Mike Abbot (VP Engineering), Sean Garrett (Head of Communications), Abdue Chowbury (Chief Scientist), Lynn Fox (Communications Director) and Lori Britcher (Creator of iOS application Tweetie).  Reasons for leaving range from no reason at all to getting “back to a more entrepreneurial company”. The average tenure of those leaving the company is between 3 and 4 months so it gets harder to build traction around strategic initiatives. The company says that they are a growing company and turnover like this is just what happens. However, that’s not what happens. Growing companies are magnets for talent and high performers surf the wave of success under them.

Why this is not as big as our Top 10: Although many people are leaving, these individual’s, and their positions are not significant enough to have a meaningful impact on Twitter’s monopoly. With every employee departing there is sure to be a dozen individuals who are willing to serve as great replacements.