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Joe Torre

No. 10 Joe Torre (Manager): New York Yankees

A sad day for Yankee’s fans, Joe Torre resigned after 12 years as the team’s manager. Torre joined Los Angeles Dodgers after he was, very publically, told to swing at a pay cut by the Steinbrenner’s. He chose to walk. Torre departs the Yankees with over 1,000 team victories. In recent years, Torre had rough moments including the 2004 collapse against the Boston Red Sox and a disastrous game against the Tigers last October. In spite of these, he heads to LA with an impressive resume and the #8 position on Baseball’s Career Victories list with 2,067 wins . Torre leaves the Yankees for a new stadium to fill — and a $13mm paycheck over three years —a slight reduction from the Yankees offer. Perhaps he can deal with one less Jaguar and no more flowers for George.