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Infosys: Vishal Sikka (CEO)

Infosys: Vishal Sikka (CEO)

Why this is a big quit:

When Vishal Sikka became the first non-founder CEO at Infosys, the second largest tech company in Asia, he implemented the “Zero Distance” strategy to address clients’ perception of a lack of innovation. Since he took the helm Inosys shares rose more than 20%. His creativity didn’t stop there. Sikka became known as a popular and generous CEO gifting iPhones to thousands of top performers, and allowing casual wear throughout the week. Sikka also added Panaya, an Israeli software service company to Inosys’ pocket for $220 million to allow consultants to focus on larger clients. Sikka ultimately felt compelled to resign after expressing dismay with the appointment of co-chairman Ravi Venktasen and other panel as well.

Why this is not as big as the top 10:

Vishal came into Infosys with glowing experience as a member of the executive board at SAP AG, the world’s leading provider in business software, in addition to a Ph.D. in computer science from Stanford University. Unfortunately, while Sikka was a big dreamer, his roadmap to reach a $20 billion revenue for Infosys by 2020 did not pan out. Add to that the long running feud with the founders and Sikka’s foreshadowing comments, “The day Ravi was made co-chairman, I wanted to leave,” it’s not a surprise that his resignation was imminent. Under the environment in which he left, Sikka did not quite make it to the Top 10 Biggest Quits List.