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IMAX: Greg Foster

IMAX: Greg Foster


Why this is a Big Quit: 

CEO of IMAX Entertainment, Greg Foster, both expanded the screens for crowds to watch box office movies, and expanded IMAX beyond being a novelty and exhibitor for museum documentaries.

Leading (and growing) the company since the pre-streameolithic era of 2001, he started as President of filmed entertainment and was a key force in expanding business to entertainment as well as internationally. With Netflix, Amazon, Hulu et al…providing instant home delivery, this is a make-or-break moment for live movie experiences.


Why this is not as big as the Top 10:

Foster will stay with IMAX until 2019, he was poised to exit for some time, and reports suggest that the decision was amicable. He chose to not continue to serve on the company board which he was appointed to in October 2016 and began planning his departure last year.

His industry-experienced successor Megan Colligan from Paramount Pictures will grow IMAX by leveraging her marketing success from “Interstellar” and franchises like “Transformers” and “Mission: Impossible”, so a smooth transition seems possible.