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Hulu Executives

Hulu Executives

Hulu: 4 Executive Exodus

When YouTube and short clips were emerging, Hulu brought full-length TV streaming to the public. A joint venture of NBC, ABC, and Fox, they chose Jason Kilar to distinguish itself from traditional TV with instant shows and less ads. Kilar achieved revenue and built a following quickly. Now the content providers could keep higher profits posing a threat to traditional affiliate broadcast and cable models that dominated for 50 years. Kilar’s departure was abrupt and led to a mass exodus of other top executives, including multiple VPs and SVPs of sales and advertising. As competitor Netflix wins Emmy’s and Amazon doubles down to push its streaming video service, these departures could undermine Hulu’s future. The new CEO, Mike Hopkins, has a lot of pressure to stabilize Hulu’s executive ranks and keep customers tuned in for more. 


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