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Welcome to Biggest Quits


Retensa’s annual review of the most significant voluntary resignations in the US.

Retensa, employee retention experts, presents its annual review of most impactful resignations in the United States in sports, politics, entertainment, and business. The lists include icons from US business, politics, sports, science and more. Stay tuned to find out who makes this year’s 2013 list! Have a candidate in mind who you think makes the cut? Join the conversation by submitting a “Big Quit”.

Criteria: Only U.S.-based resignations qualify for inclusion on Retensa’s annual “Biggest Quits” List. To make the top 10, Retensa applies three criteria: (1) the magnitude of impact in the individuals’ industry or field, (2) the financial loss or loss of influence of the enduring organization, and (3) the degree that the enduring organization is unprepared to respond.

To View last year’s Top 10 List, go to Biggest Quits 2012.