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Google Ventures: Bill Maris (CEO)

Google Ventures: Bill Maris (CEO)

Why this is a big quit:

In the wake of several high profile executives leaving Alphabet, including Tony Fadell, the leader of Nest and Chris Urmson, a core member of the self driving care initiative, Bill Maris decide to step down from his role as CEO of Google Ventures (GV), the corporate investment group he founded in 2009. A neuroscientist by training, Maris established GV as the preeminent investment group for many of the budding entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley just as Google established itself as the go-to search engine (Don’t believe us – Google it). Maris’s largest investment is Uber Technologies and GV’s holdings also include Slack Technologies and, the start up that Wal-Mart agreed to buy for approximately $3 billion. With no plans for the immediate future, many believe that Maris won’t venture outside the investment world.


Why this is not as big as the top 10:

Maris’s departure comes one year after the conception of Alphabet, a holding company designed to better distinguish the core Google business from other components such as GV. According to some, the reorganization is associated with cost control efforts for Alphabet companies. GV has already identified Maris’s replacement, GV managing partner David Krane. Krane has been with Google for 17 years and is well prepared to fill the shoes of Maris. Ultimately, amidst the flurry of high profile departures and the anticipated smooth transition, Maris’s savvy investments aren’t enough to help him crack the top 10.