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Ernst & Young: Jim Turley

Ernst & Young: Jim Turley

Ernst & Young: Jim Turley (Chairman and CEO)

In 1977, the Bee Gees released the Saturday Night Fever album, the first Atari 2600 was sold, and Jim Turley got a job at Ernst & Young. Chairman since 2001 and chief executive since 2003, Turley led the firm through stormy times, from lawsuits over its audits of HealthSouth Corp, to allegations of helping Lehman Brothers to commit fraud before the 2008 bankruptcy. However, under Turley’s leadership, “EY” emerged unscathed and stronger, growing 130% since he took over[1]. He set a bold vision for the future of its 175,000 employees, for which he personally does all of their taxes. Given the success of Turley’s tenure, and the regard he has from the industry, Turley’s departure leaves a significant leadership void for his successor.

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