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Democratic Party : Barney Frank

Democratic Party : Barney Frank

Barney Frank (US Congressmen): Democratic Party

71 year-old U.S. Congressman Barney Frank will be remembered as a pioneer to many in the United States, pariah to others. In 1987, the Harvard Law graduate announced to America that he was gay, making him the first Congressmen to voluntarily do so.  He continued to fight for gay rights legislation for much of his 30 year tenure. It will be difficult for both the LGBT community and liberal Democrats to replace him in Congress.  Politicians are often criticized for their actions, and Frank is no different, called combative and polarizing, terms often used after co-authoring the Dodd-Frank financial reform. With his retirement, it will become decidedly for more difficult for Democrats to pass progressive legislation. President Obama himself said, “The House of representatives will not be the same without him.”

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