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David Petraeus (CIA)

David Petraeus (CIA)

CIA: David Petraeus (Director)

People trained to investigate crimes are not immune from committing them. The guffaw heard round the world occurred when David Petraeus resigned after the FBI found that he possibly shared military information with his biographer, and wait for it…mistress, Paula Broadwell. The irony appeared to most US citizens discovering their lives were at risk because as the Army was leaving “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, the CIA director was playing “Show and Tell”. Unfortunately, Petraeus, who served since September 2011 by unanimous Senate appointment (94-0), was also one of the most respected, decorated, and successful military leaders in modern history. His command of Iraq and Afghanistan operations is widely attributed to the stabilization in both regions. Petraeus’ sudden quit brings significant loss of experience, relationships, and ability to execute tenuous US intelligence operations.

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