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Condé Nast: Bob Sauerberg (CEO)

Condé Nast: Bob Sauerberg (CEO)

Why this is a Big Quit:
Bob Sauerberg is so last season! Condé Nast, publisher of Vogue, Vanity Fair and other iconic magazines, is looking for a new global CEO as the organization moves to combine their U.S. and international companies together.

Sauerberg dedicated the last 18 years of his career to growing Condé Nast’s core brands in digital, video and non-print experiences to combat the changing industry pressures. Sauerberg will remain with the company throughout this transition.

Why this is not as big as the Top 10:
Sauerber’s impact is admirable, as he has elevated their online content and elevated brand presence, however the challenges facing entertainment and media industries are not slowing, and Condé Nast is affected. The shift toward digital content instead of costly glossy magazine pages already prompted Condé Nast to make staffing cuts and increase online visibility.

Despite this merge the company will still report a loss for 2018, leaving a lot of uncertainty for what the future will look like for Condé Nast. Given these circumstances, Bob Sauerber did not make it to the Top 10 Big Quits.