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CNN: Jim Walton

CNN: Jim Walton

CNN: Jim Walton (President)

Described as a smart, tough and fair leader, with “business-savvy and respected by his team”, Jim Walton led CNN through a steady-growing phase through relentless competition. Walton joined CNN one year after its inception and moved up from an entry level position to be President of the worldwide company during his over 30-year career. Walton’s vision modernized and globalized CNN’s news brand, enhanced CNN’s journalistic standing, and positioned it at the forefront of a multi-platform news brand. During his 9-year-tenure as President, CNN expanded worldwide coverage on television, digital, and mobile platforms. He resigned while acknowledging that CNN needs new approaches to the instant state of news that CNN advanced. Veteran news producer and former NBC Universal chief, Jeff Zucker, will become President. The challenges ahead are very real. In addition to declining US TV viewership, the source for news is shifting from entrenched establishments like CNN to small nimble outfits, bloggers, or independent journalists who can capture, write, and broadcast a story in minutes.

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