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Cleveland Cavaliers: LeBron James (Team Captain)

Cleveland Cavaliers: LeBron James (Team Captain)

LeBron James makes a repeat appearance on Retensa’s Biggest Quits List for leaving the Cavaliers again. Betrayal became a familiar feeling to Cleveland, as the news spread that James left $54 million on the court to play for the LA Lakers. Although the reasons are slightly different this time, Cleveland will still suffer the blow to tourism, tax revenue, and bragging rights the 3× NBA champion, 4× NBA Most Valuable Player, and 14× NBA All-Star delivered. 


Lebron was probably worth more to Cleveland than money could buy. But could money really have stopped the King from leaving? His departure resurfaces more than just feelings rom his first quit in 2010, and reminds the Cavaliers that they are also losing their chance of winning a championship. 


In 2014, LeBron promised that he would finish his career back home in Cleveland. However, it seems like that home-bound attitude changed dramatically when the Cavs traded Kyrie Irving and their entire roster last season. Though James carried them to the NBA final, again, losing 4-0 to the Warriors likely undermined his faith in the Cavs leadership. Keeping a star player like LeBron without a strong team to secure another championship may have closed the door on LeBron ever returning home to play for the Cavaliers.