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Christie Hefner

No. 4 Christie Hefner (President and CEO): Playboy Enterprises

After 20 years of leadership at the bunny that “Hef” built, Christie Hefner announced her resignation as President and CEO of Playboy Enterprises. She took the reigns from her legendary father in 1988 and re-ignited the iconic brand when Playboy was suffering from mismanaged investments in casinos and the Playboy Clubs. No easy act to follow herself, Ms. Hefner grew the organization into a global multimedia brand, with success in licensing and television. She cited her long tenure in the organization and generational and national changes as her reason for resignation. Her departure will mark the first time in the organization’s history that a Hefner will not be at the helm. A permanent replacement has yet to be named. Whoever it may be, he or she will face the industry’s mounting challenge of staying profitable during the rise of online free media.