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CBS Television (Big Bang Theory): Jim Parsons (Lead Actor)

CBS Television (Big Bang Theory): Jim Parsons (Lead Actor)

Take a bow Jim Parsons. The actor, starring in the astoundingly efficacious hit comedy The Bing Bang Theory on CBS, closes the curtain on his record breaking 279 episodes. Debuting nonchalantly in 2007, the sitcom was a Top 3 most watched show for 7 of its 12 seasons, being nominated for a prodigious 52 Emmys. His role as neurotic physicist, Sheldon Cooper, garnered 4 Emmys and 1 Golden Globe. Parsons became a household name, the highest paid actor on TV along with is co-stars, so why leave? CBS tried to negotiate 2 more seasons but Parsons was “ready to move on”. At 1 million dollars an episode times 48 episodes, that’s a salary between 47 and 49 million dollars. Can the hit show move on without one of their preeminent characters? The answer is no. Nay. Never. 


In August of 2018 CBS announced the end of the sitcom’s world. The final season closes in May 2019, since there is no “Big Bang” without Parsons. His “Big Quit” ends the longest running multi-camera comedy in TV history averaging 18 million viewers/night since season 6 in the US alone. The value of the show is unrepeatable in the fragmented television market today. The spin off, Young Sheldon, based off Parson’s character’s back story, was the highest rated comedy debut in years, because it immediately followed TBBT. Now CBS searches for a new spark to re-ignite the big bucks the show earned, which now generates around $2 billion per season in ad revenue, and hundreds of millions more in syndication. 

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