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Buffalo Bills: Vontae Davis (Cornerback)   

Buffalo Bills: Vontae Davis (Cornerback)   

The Buffalo Bills lost more than just their game against the LA Chargers. They also lost one of their most decorated players and cornerback, Vontae Davis. The Bills were down 28-6 at halftime when Davis dramatically “retired”. So he skipped the second half, packed up, and quit the NFL forever.  

Davis was a first round-pick in the NFL draft and a 10 year veteran. He suffered injuries during his career including 3 concussions, a broken wrist and numerous sprains. He had just signed a $5 million one-year contract to continue at the Bills. Then “today on the field, reality hit me fast and hard: I shouldn’t be out there anymore” so he decided “it’s more important to me and my family to walk away healthy than to willfully embrace the warrior mentality and limp away too late.” Legitimate concerns, however, Davis’s decision to quit somewhere between the 40 and 50 yard line is unprecedented. Most teammates didn’t even know until they were back on the field after halftime. Imagine that happening with your co-presenter in between slides 4 and 5 of your next PowerPoint.  

While Davis later announced on Instagram that he did not mean any disrespect, many teammates criticized his brazen departure and lack of comradery. The Bills lost the game and as of this writing, are 5W-9L. Months later, Davis capitalized on his dramatic exit and recorded a commercial for Fan Duel, a daily fantasy sports site that lets you ‘quit’ your team and draft new players each week. Probably too soon for the Bills to find this funny, but Davis knows how to make an exit.