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Brian Mueller

No. 7 Brian Mueller (President and Director): The Apollo Group

After 21 years, President Brian Mueller has become a textbook executive, driving the company’s flagship University of Phoenix to strong results. Establishing synonymy with online education, the organization’s profits aggrandized by 16.5% last year. Antecedently, Mueller was Apollo’s COO, and heretofore erstwhile, ahem, he was CEO of University of Phoenix. This year, Mueller vacated his position to be CEO of sophomore on-line competitor Grand Canyon University. Replacing Mueller is Charles Edelson, a former managing director at Credit Suisse. Edelson, without much experience in education, may not be able to capitalize on the high growth market. As the economy falters we will likely see a boom in education, especially more cost effective on-line degrees. Where will students go? For the Apollo Group to remain at the top of the class, Edelson needs to study up on the “ins and outs” of the business of education.