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Barnes & Noble: William Lynch

Barnes & Noble: William Lynch

Barnes & Noble: William Lynch (CEO)

Nook nook, who’s there? A customer. A customer who? A customer who used to shop here.

As print evaporates into digital, B&N eventually followed the opportunity at their door. They entered the digital content market led by William Lynch, who drove the creation of all Nook tablets and software. With flattening retail store sales, this foray into a new medium could intercept Amazon Kindle’s dominance. But the guy leading that just left. This will be a tough maneuver for any successor. Diversifying with café’s has helped, but a reinvention will be needed, as news of plummeting 2013 holiday Nook sales surfaces. Giant bookstores, filled with books, heavy books made of trees. Is that bankruptcy knocking? Significant change is needed for B&N to retain its 34,000 employees and nearly 700 stores.