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Archer Daniels Midland: Patricia Woertz (CEO)

Why this was a big quit:

Woertz was with Archer Daniels Midland since 2006, and under her tenure the company’s revenues rose from $26 billion to $90 billion. She was one of 26 women who headed America’s top 500 companies in terms of revenue. In addition, she ranked number 8 on the Forbes Most Powerful Women List in 2014.

Why this is not as big as our Top 10:

This will be a highly orchestrated transition. Woertz will stay with Archer Daniels Midland until 2016. In the interim, she will serve as chairman until she retires. Despite the company growth, her huge bet on ethanol was not considered a success, one reason shareholder returns lagged behind the overall market since she became CEO.