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AOL: Bob Lord (President)

Why this was a big quit:

AOL stirs up memories for many of us as the melodious yet cringing dial up sound before signing into our email accounts. While Bob Lord’s memories may not be the same as ours, he too will soon only reminiscence of AOL’s . Lord presided over AOL briefly and guided the company towards embracing automated, advertising technologies, and leading content (Huffington Post, TechCrunch,, et al.).  Lord was instrumental AOL’s acquiring several companies, being acquired by Verizon, and he recently struck a deal for AOL to manage a substantial portion of Microsoft’s online advertising agency.

Why this is not as big as the top 10:

Lord left AOL, when his aspirations of running a public company were obstructed when it was sold to Verizon in May, 2015. With AOL becoming a smaller advertising cog in the much larger telecommunications giant, Lord’s influence was marginalized. AOL CEO, Tim Armstrong, indicated that he was grooming Lord to be his successor, but with AOL now owned by Verizon Communications, Lord lost interest in this opportunity. The transition will be smooth, as Lord stated that he is committed to making sure AOL is set up and prepared for his departure.