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AIG: Andrew Kaslow

No. 3 Andrew Kaslow (Chief Human Resources Officer): AIG

Andrew Kaslow (the Biggest Quits List first Chief Human Resources Officer) bailed on AIG this fall, leaving a key vacancy during a critical time for the insurance giant. Kaslow, a member of the company’s executive committee, intended to make AIG an “employer of choice worldwide” and spearheaded AIG’s quest to attract and retain top talent. However, after AIG required $180 billion in bailout money, its executive and high-performer pay structure needed an overhaul. Although Kaslow was not the only one that could do this, his departure leaves AIG in the unenviable position of having to devise a new pay system to reward top performing employees while under the scrutiny of the federal government. At this point, AIG needs all efforts on rebuilding a previously world-class employer reputation. When HR Executives resign it sends significant shockwaves which often cause others to consider their prospects as well.