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Sallie Krawcheck

No. 8 Sallie Krawcheck (Head of Wealth Management Division): Citigroup

On September 22, Krawcheck, once heralded as the “Last Honest Analyst” on the cover of Forbes magazine, resigned her post as Head of the Wealth Management Division amidst a sea of controversy. Krawcheck, one time Citi CFO, was publicly demoted to her final position at Citigroup in 2007. However, she is a “big quit” because of her views, and how they differed from current CEO, Vikram Pandit. Krawcheck’s ideas on how to run the business were the very approaches that could have distinguished Citi from the myriad of troubled banks. Citigroup’s reputation may also have benefited from having a key executive known for honesty and integrity during a time when many financial institutions are failing at the hands of as much perception as reality. The loss of Krawcheck is impactful, not only to Citigroup, but to businesswomen everywhere, as she was the last female top executive on Wall Street.