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2016 Honorable Mention

The European Union: Britain (Nation)


On June 23rd, 2016, the people of Britain came to the consensus that the European Union was not their cup of tea. For the 52% of Brits who voted in favor of Brexit, the benefits of staying in the European Union did not seem to outweigh the economic and political costs. Those who voted to leave thought that the European Union was placing too many regulations on business, too many limitations on democracy, and too much leniency on immigration policies. As soon as the poll results were in, the value of the pound plummeted along with the stock market. Britain’s mates, including China, India, and the U.S. thought that this was rubbish. Although the negotiation process may take up to two years, Brexit has already affected the world’s economy due to the uncertainly that has resulted. Turnover is rarely a standalone phenomenon. Post-Brexit, Prime Minister David Cameron and other British politicians have resigned in its aftermath. Cheerio EU!